FMS transportation kit is designed to provide a clear understanding of the product movements in an industry where multiple models of a product of multiple products are produced. This is a very common system employed in factories making Appliances, computer peripherals, semiconductor devices, automobile components and other discrete products.

This is a palletized conveying system with a transportation loop using twin-belt conveyor modules, plastic pallets, diversion units, stoppers, simple pallet identification systems and six make-up stations. A PC based controller is with simple graphical interface. Some of the stations are using pneumatic cylinders to illustrate the production process and alternatively electrical devices can be used.





Cartesian Robots are more widely used because of the flexibility in programming , configuring, adjusting and alignments in any industrial applications. Knowledge of these products are very important for today's engineering students. ACT. has developed these systems in many configurations along with the required controllers. Many systems are developed by ACT. for many different applications like handling, dispensing, assembly, Screw fastening etc.. We provide few educational tools to use along with this system. Complete system with mounting frame, enclosure, grippers and a simple application comes with the system.



ACT. offers a wide range of Robotic systems from 4 axis Scara and Cylindrical robot, 6 axis articulated robot and semiconductor application robots. We offer from standalone systems to fully developed system with an application. Robotic packages will be of fully flexible both in hardware and software for learning purpose. Our models are all of Industrial type, where the students can test its speed, payload and performance with many different applications, when compared with the skeleton systems available in the market.




ASRS ( Automated Storage & Retrieval System is used by most of the manufacturing industries for storing the goods from many plants and distributing to different locations. It becomes essential for the fast moving products like consumer goods, computer peripherals when the lead time is critical. Basically the system has storage locations for products and are remembered, identified and the transactions of storing the incoming goods and retrieving based on the market demand and updating the present stock. Automated crane is used for the mechanical process and the Inventory software keeps track of the transactions and stock.

This system comes with 64 locations ( 8 columns, 4 levels, 2 rows) structure, Plastics pallets, Stacker crane, Barcode labels, Barcode scanner, Storing in /out locations and Inventory software on PC. Students can simulate different logistics conditions by developing different inventory modules.







Our Standard Robot Packages :

Scara Robot with 0.5kg Payload, 400mm reach, +/-0.1 mm repeatability, Controller with Digital I/O interface,

PC interface,Teach Pendant Code : AES-05-03-SR-01

Articulated 6 axis Robot with 2 kg Payload, 600mm reach, +/-0.1 mm, Repeatability, Controller with Digital I/O interface,

PC interface, Teach Pendant Code : AES-05-03-AR-01

Semiconductor Robot 600mm reach, +/-0.1 mm, Repeatability, Controller with Digital I/O interface,

PC interface, Teach Pendant Code : AES-05-03-CR-01

Robotic handling Application with Scara robot, conveyor, Feeders, Robot end effector, samples Code : AES-05-03-SR-02

Robotic handling Application with articulated robot, conveyor, Feeders , Robot end effector, samples Code : AES-05-03-AR-02

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