This product is to give an overview of different material transportation conveyor systems used in industries. Five different types of commonly used conveying systems are packaged precisely into Single compact package for Table top use using Aluminum profiles.

Three types are of Pallet-less conveying and two types are of Palletized conveying systems. It gives a complete understanding for the young minds to know how the variety of products are handled automatically from one process to another process in an Automated Transportation systems.

- Belt Conveyor
- Chain Conveyor
- Flexible link Conveyor
- Free Flow Chain Conveyor
- Twin Belt Conveyor





In industries, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is the main component of any control system controlling sophisticated machines as per the intended operations. To understand the basic concept of what is PLC; what it consists of ; how the external devices( inputs and outputs ) are connected to it; how to write a simple to complex program using it can be understood easily using our PLC TRAINER KIT.


The kit comes with the PLC
CPU, POWER SUPPLY,INPUT modules, OUTPUT modules, prewired
for inputs and outputs,
PROGRAMMING TOOLS to write and practice various programs,
interface cable between PLC and Development computer.


This incorporates various types of work holding devices , commonly know as, grippers used in Automated handling for process applications or for handling. Apart from holding a product to do some of the manufacturing processes, these are widely used on pick & place systems, Servo controlled systems, Robotic systems to handle products for assembly, loading/unloading onto machines or palletizing.

Most of the commonly used grippers are pneumatically operated even though some of the force controlled or sensitive applications use electrical devices for gripping. Most of the grippers in this kit comes with soft long lasting rubber pads used in the industry. This kit has Pneumatic Parallel jaw gripper, Angular jaw gripper, 3 jaw gripper, Force controlled electrical gripper, basic pneumatic customized gripper, Vacuum suction gripper, Magnetic gripper.





The present market is consumer driven and every product manufacturer need to make various products and different models to suit the taste of each and every consumer in the world. In that way , manufacturing with the available production facility has to be managed efficiently. Also the traceabiliy of a product becomes very important for performance monitoring and the warranty purpose. So using one manufacturing line for multiple products is vital for every company and the products has to be identified effectively.

Various identification methods are used to achieve this and few are given in this kit to educate the students. The kit has simple sensing head using inductive sensors, color sensors, RF sensors, Barcode readers.


Latest developments in servo controlled motions lead the industries to use the servo modules widely in all the areas of manufacturing and education, taking their advantage of speed and accuracy. The cost of production has reduced tremendously so that even for simple applications, servo has taken over the place of pneumatics because of its flexibility and programmable feature.

This kit provides the students the knowledge of the different components of servo module, such as Motor, tachogenerator, encoder, servo power amplifier, servo controller and the connectivity. To give a wider overview, the kit has a linear module, Rotary indexing module and a Linear Motor Module. It comes with the relevant sofware to program..


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